protient chef pro

  • Protein Chef Pro is India’s first Protein Powder for Cooking for Athletes and Bodybuilders.
    An innovative Protein Powder that can be added to cooking directly to your Atta, Batter or Gravy before cooking. Making it easy to ensure you get enough Protein in Every meal too; without any planning or change in cooking.

    High Protein Meal

Easy To Digest

No Bloating, High Bio-Availability

Regular Whey Proteins typically cause Digestion issues, including bloating and queasy stomach. This is usually because of the Additives, Flavors and Bulking agents. 

Protein Chef Pro, because it is cooked; makes it easy for the body to digest. And with Zero Chemicals or Additives; it is easily digestible and hence more bio-available for the body to use.

Protein Chef In Action

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