The Science

 Vision: The majority of Indians are unaware of their protein deficit even though protein is one of the most crucial building blocks for your body. Additionally, the majority of market items are imitations of western products or contain a lot of artificial substances. Moreover, those expensive, chemical-loaded items aren’t suitable for the Indian palate. So, we've developed recipes that work well with Indian food.

Ingredients: Without any artificial sweetener, the distinctive recipe of our protein powder is equivalent to the best whey protein powder. Our eight distinct sources of 100% plant-based protein—beans, soy, chickpeas, brown rice, besan, peanuts, and more—are used to extract it.

Higher Bio-availability: Our professional-grade cookable Plant Protein is perfect for adding to any dish which facilitates easy digestion. Without the presence of any bulking agent, gluten, or preservatives, this clean protein powder for cooking is efficiently absorbable for the body without causing any bloating.

Amino Acid Profile: Extracted from various plant sources, our protein powder is perfectly designed to deliver 30+ amino acid profiles. These comprehensive amino acid profiles can provide all the essential and non-essential amino acids to everyone.