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High Protein - Atta

High Protein - Atta

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Here’s your cue to ditch your regular rotis and switch to Protis!

Nahi samjhe? pRotis matlab High Protein Rotis! With our High Protein Atta, you can make high-protein rotis (pRotis) every day!

This atta is made with traditional ingredients such as sattu powder, chickpea flour, besan, and defatted peanut flour. And vegan proteins like soya protein, pea protein, & brown rice protein isolates. This atta gives you 5.5g of protein PER roti! When you get 1 egg or 29g of paneer worth of vegetarian protein in every proti, toh regular rotis ko bolo bye!

Ruko ruko, picture abhi baaki hai! This High Protein Atta is high in fibre, too! So you can indulge in these scrumptious rotis without worrying about sugar spikes and cholesterol! This atta just keeps getting better and better!

Now you can enjoy ghar jaisi roti, protein waali! Grab this High Protein Atta today!

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Kya Aapke Rotis Me Protein Hai?

Ji haa, regular rotis ka zamana gaya, ab aaya hai High Protein Rotis (pRotis)! A quick and easy solution to increase your family’s protein intake! With our High Protein Atta, now you can be a protein superstar!

  • High Protein X High Fiber: Jab Rotis ko protein and fiber ka punch mil jata hai, tab banta hai Proti! Made with our in-house Protein Chef Atta Additive, this High Protein Atta gives you up to 5.5g of protein per roti! So you can now enjoy 1 egg or 29 g of paneer worth of vegetarian protein in every delicious roti! (Serving Size - 25 gm of atta for one roti)
  • Traditional Ingredients Me Naya Twist: Our atta is backed by the power of traditional ingredients. These include sattu powder, chickpea flour, besan, and defatted peanut flour along with vegan proteins like soya, pea & brown rice protein isolates. This unique formulation is an easy solution to boost your daily protein intake!
  • Ghar ki Roti, now protein-packed: Looking for a quick protein boost? Why not make your homemade rotis high protein? With this atta, make easy and yummy Protis that taste and feel exactly like chakki ke atte wali roti with no change in the recipe! Ab ghar ka swaad, High Protein Atta ke saath!
  • Parivar ka Protein Sorted: Whether it’s family, friends or those nosy pados waali aunties, our all-plant-based High Protein Atta takes care of everyone’s daily protein intake. Proteins have never been tastier!
  • Bonuses with ZERO added preservatives: Bonuses with ZERO added preservatives: This all-natural atta is 100% clean and safe for everyday use. So you can indulge guilt-free in mouth-watering Protis every day!


How does Protein Chef improve digestibility and is it made from vegetarian sources?

Unlike other protein powders that can often change the texture and taste of your dishes, Protein Chef blends seamlessly into your food without altering its flavour or texture. It is designed to improve digestibility, making it easier on the stomach. 

And yes! Protein Chef is made from 8 vegetarian protein sources, making it a great choice for anyone who is gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or looking for a vegetarian choice.

How much protein can I have in a day?

According to the research, the recommended daily protein intake for an average adult is around 23 grams per day. However, many Indian vegetarian meals such as dal, rajma, and chholey have a low protein density when cooked, hence falling short of supplying the right amount of cooking without paneer. 

So, by adding just one spoon of Protein Chef to your meal, you can fulfil your daily protein requirements and ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Moreover, our product is free from additives, chemicals, gluten, and sugar, hence it improves digestibility and health. Including the Protein Chef in your diet is safe and can be enjoyed by kids too!

Does it contain additives?

Protein Chef is 100% additives-free. It draws its high-protein properties from organic ingredients.

Does it leave an aftertaste in food?

Protein Chef formulation is known to not alter the taste or texture of your meals. You can enjoy the taste of your favourite meals made high in protein with the Protein Chef Protein for Cooking.

How much can you use in a day?

You can use Protein Chef at every meal! Since it is made from plant sources, it helps improve digestibility and promotes gut health, along with giving you adequate proteins any time of the day!