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Protein Chef Multigrain Atta

Protein Chef Multigrain Atta

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Here’s your solution to making quick high-protein and high-fiber rotis without changing your recipe. Simply switch to our High Protein Atta! Formulated with all traditional, plant-based proteins, this atta tastes and feels exactly like regular chakki atta. And the best part? It contains zero refined flour, added sugars, or preservatives! So you and your family can enjoy tasty high-protein rotis every day!

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      • DOUBLE PROTEIN THAN REGULAR ATTA:: Our atta is made by 7 handpicked high-protein super grains such as Peanuts, Sattu, Chickpea, Soybean, Mung Bean, and Brown Rice. It offers 2x protein than regular atta which generally does not contain a pure protein blend of wholesome grains.
      • INFUSED WITH DIETARY FIBER: This atta contains more dietary fiber than ordinary chakki attas. It is highly recommended by nutrition experts for better digestion and good gut health. The high fiber content keeps you satiated, nourished, and aids weight management.
      • MAKE SOFT AND FLUFFY ROTIS : The composition of preservative-free real ingredients and all-natural taste in this atta makes your roti softer and delicious. This atta needs no special cooking intervention. Just knead the dough and prepare the rotis as usual. Serve your family protein-packed rotis that have the authentic homely taste.
      • PROMOTES BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL AGES: Whether you have growing children or aged elders, this atta is crafted with nutritious ingredients and a 7 protein-rich super grain blend that offers multiple benefits to all age groups. The protein content in this atta helps build muscle strength, boosts immunity, enhances fitness levels, and keeps one energetic throughout the day.

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      How does Protein Chef High Protein Atta improve digestibility and is it made from vegetarian sources?

      Unlike protein powders that can often change the texture and taste of your dishes, Protein Chef High Protein Atta makes instant High Protein Rotis with the same flavour and texture as your regular rotis. It is designed to improve digestibility, making it easier on the stomach. 

      And yes! Protein Chef High Protein Atta is made from all vegetarian protein sources, making it a great choice for anyone who is gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or looking for a vegetarian choice.

      How much protein can I have in a day?

      According to the research, the recommended daily protein intake for an average adult is around 23 grams per day. However, Rotis made from regular atta have a low protein density when cooked, and give you only around 3 grams of protein per roti. 

      With Protein Chef’s High Protein Atta, you can fulfill your daily protein requirements and get up to 5.5 grams equivalent to 1 egg or 29.5 grams of paneer worth of vegetarian protein per roti. Moreover, our product is free from additives, chemicals, gluten, and sugar, hence it improves digestibility and health. Including the Protein Chef in your diet is safe and can be enjoyed by children too!

      Does it contain additives?

      Protein Chef’s High Protein Atta is 100% additives-free. It draws its high-protein properties from organic ingredients.

      Does it leave an aftertaste in food?

      Our High Protein Atta’s formulation is known to not alter the taste or texture of your meals. You can enjoy delicious High Protein Rotis (pRotis) with the Protein Chef High Protein Atta.

      How much can you use in a day?

      You can use Protein Chef’s High Protein Atta to make High Protein Rotis (pRotis) with every meal! Since it is made from plant sources, it helps improve digestibility and promotes gut health, along with giving you adequate proteins any time of the day!