7 Brilliant Ways to Include High Protein Fruits for Muscle-Building Newbies

7 Brilliant Ways to Include High Protein Fruits for Muscle-Building Newbies

A key to excellent health is eating lots of fruits. It benefits the eyes, brain, bones, digestive system, and practically every other organ in the body. It, therefore, becomes even more crucial if you've recently begun going to the gym and are seeking ways to acquire extra natural protein. But a lot of us struggle to put that into action. So, here are some practical ways to make meals rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and high in proteins from fruits.


A high-protein breakfast smoothie can replace your protein shake. Add banana, dates, or any high protein fruit of your choice with yoghurt; a little honey for extra sweetness — your smoothie is ready! You can even incorporate almonds, walnuts, or other nuts.


Instead of those sugar-loaded spreads use a high-protein fruit spread, that’s as delectable if not more. Mix ripe banana with peanut butter, or berries with honey and spread on your bread. You can also go for honey-drizzled fruit slices on your healthy bread. Your meal with high-protein content is ready.


One more breakfast recipe where fruits can be served as toppings is pancakes. You can experiment with recipes and fruits to get the best combination for yourself. Adding Protein Chef plant protein powder to the pancake batter will make a perfect high-protein meal.


When you’re on the go, fruit juice can give you so much nutrition in a short time. But avoid those pesky preservatives drinks, make your own juice. They’re customizable as well.


This is an easy method of making a delicious sweet snack or breakfast, aesthetically pleasing as well. You just need three ingredients for this recipe - bread, fresh cream, and your fruits of choice. To make it protein-rich, you can use any high-protein fruit and mix it with the cream. If you take Protein Chef bread, that will make it healthier.

Dip it

The easiest and the most preferred way will always be to eat it raw. Some people may not be a fan of eating raw fruits. So, they can dip them in peanut butter, melted chocolate, or honey to make them more tempting.

Breakfast Bowl

You can add high-protein fruits into your breakfast bowl in different forms. Make a thick smoothie bowl with nuts, seeds, and fruit slices as toppings, or make a muesli bowl with lots of fruits; you can even make an oat recipe with fruits.

The bottom line

Introduce the rainbow concept in your diet to get everything in a balanced manner. Regardless of your health goals, you should have at least 1-2 fruits every day. 

If you follow these methods mentioned above, they will help you in your muscle-building journey and keep the plates interesting all the time.




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