Working Out With Smart Eating: Pre And Post-Workout High-Protein Meal Options

Working Out With Smart Eating: Pre And Post-Workout High-Protein Meal Options

In today's fast-paced world, working out has become a permanent part of our daily schedules. The rigorous exercise each day and the aching of your muscles post-workout serve as a reward for a job well done. 

But most people also face exhaustion and muscle tears, which discourages them from working out again. If this has happened to you, the chances are that your workout diet is wrong!

What Is the Importance of Pre and Post Workout Meals?

Pre-workout meals are workout prep meals that provide your body with sufficient energy to let you achieve peak performance during a workout without tiring. 

Post-workout meals provide sufficient nutrients for a swift recovery from your post-workout muscle wear and tears

What Makes a Good Pre and Post-workout Meal?

The formula for any good pre and post-workout meals is lots of protein and complex carbs. Protein helps with muscle repair when complex carbs serve as an energy bank for your body.

So What Can You Consume for a Pre-workout Meal?

1. Bananas

As a significant source of natural sugars and carbs, bananas will provide that energy kick you need to complete your workout. 

2. Eggs sandwich

Eggs, packed with protein, prove to be an excellent pre-workout food. Combined with bread, one egg sandwich will leave you with enough energy for an entire workout routine (and more).

3. Apple + Peanut Butter 

When you are running late and desperately need a no-prep snack, an apple with peanut butter is the way to go. The natural sugars of apple and the protein-packed peanut butter make up the ideal pre-workout snack. Spoons up!

4. Oats

Oats being a low GI food will keep your tummy full and provide a longer-lasting energy source. The best thing about oats? You can get creative with it! Add in some fruits, nuts, and maybe a dash of honey or some vegetables and spices to make a brand new recipe every morning!

So that’s about pre-workout meals, but what about post-workout? 

What Can You Consume for a Post-workout Meal?

1. Eggs

An egg is a complete protein. Eating one egg post-workout will work magic for your muscle soreness. 

2. Besan chilla 

Gram flour is a fantastic source of protein. At 10.7 grams per chilla, this post-workout snack is ideal for all those who work out regularly. For more protein, add one scoop of Lo! Protein Chef, and take your chilla to a new level of health.

3. Protein shake

This item speaks for itself. Make a chilled protein shake with Lo! Protein Chef for a refreshing post-workout treat. Being healthy has never been so easy!

4. Cottage cheese/ paneer

Milk proteins are the best for muscle, bone, skin, and hair growth. Incorporating milk-based products such as paneer or yoghurt in your post-workout snack cuts your muscle recovery time and makes you fit and ready for your workout the next day.

So, folks, our takeaway is that eating before and after a workout is essential for your body. Lo! Protein Chef is here to help with just that. Add our Protein Chef to any meal, and you are workout ready. Happy exercising!  


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