Protein Supplements: Safe Or Unsafe?

Protein Supplements: Safe Or Unsafe?

Every human being has a right to protein. Protein deficiency is common in India. Startling statistics show that 84% of Indians have protein deficiency. Protein sources are bodybuilding food that is highly recommended for the construction of good bones and muscles. Regardless of its vital aspect, our protein consumption is low and unsatisfactory. 

The suggested protein consumption a day is 48 grams however, the daily consumption rate is much lower than this estimated amount. Wondering about the prominent cause for this? The answer is a protein-deficient diet.  

We Indians are more accustomed to eating sugar-rich foods and almost half of the population lacks a general awareness of daily protein requisites. But what's more concerning is our avoidance of the issue. 

The most vital yet overlooked aspect of health is the avoidance of hidden qualities and significance of protein. Indians have formed a basic pattern of consuming whatever is served and disregarding the necessities of this chief macronutrient. But the question is, for how long can we survive on a protein-deficient diet plan? With an abrupt diet emerges protein deficiency diseases such as fatty liver, muscle wasting and skin problems. Therefore, the importance of protein needs to be addressed.  

What's the Need for Supplements? 

No matter how wholesome the taste of  Indian food is, it is still naturally deficient in protein. Indian cuisine retains high carbohydrates, fats, and sugar. So when diets are deficient in protein and regular food alone cannot provide the right portion of macronutrients, supplementation is the only way out. 

But there are several assumptions attached to supplements. People tend to believe that the hidden dangers and side effects of protein powders are reasons for certain conditions. But breaking the myth attached to protein supplements is the need of the hour. 

Not all protein concentrators are made alike. Some protein supplements excel others in terms of safe and natural ingredients and exhibit extraordinary results for people in dire need of proteins. Supplements serve as a convenient source of protein which your body lacks. Thus, consuming the right quantity of protein powder at the right time can never go wrong. 

Lo! Protein Chef: A Protein Powder with Enormous Potency

What is the work of an ideal protein supplement? If it doesn't facilitate your nutrient requirements, then it is not worth taking the risk. 

With this approach and a solid intent comes our plant-based protein powder that bumps up your protein intake. Lo!’s Protein Chef needs no introduction. When food alone doesn't help you reach your goal, our powder serves as a link between you and your mission of a balanced diet. 

Containing the richness and genuineness of superfood ingredients, this protein powder is a mixture made from peanut powder, soy flour, soy protein, sattu, mung protein, chickpea protein, besan, brown rice protein, pea isolate and salt. A single scoop of Lo!’s Protein Chef (37.5 grams) is equivalent to 20 grams of protein. 

Different from other protein powders which are directly mixed into water or milk, our protein powder allows it to be cooked without changing your diet plan. This way you do not negotiate on what you're eating instead you just mix a spoon of our protein powder in your regular Indian meals and it is done. With no changes in taste, this powder is a perfect match made for protein weight loss food such as cheela, upma, oatmeal, soups, rotis, smoothies, and more. Just put a scoop into the recipe and devour the optimum nutrition meal. 

So it is now time for you to boost your health and repair your tissues. Switch to the ideal protein powder and gain overall fitness. Don't let the protein deficit diet take away your health benefits.


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