Lo! Protein Chef - Are You Using It Right?

Lo! Protein Chef - Are You Using It Right?

The desire for fitness is intricately linked to the demand for higher protein intake. This is common knowledge for all who seek to get in shape. Protein is the foundation for the growth of bones, muscle, skin, and even hair. The various amino acids constructing it works diligently to repair post-workout muscle tears and provide enough energy for longer-lasting physical activity.

But increasing your daily protein intake is a notorious task. It is essential to consume 1.2-1.7g of protein per kg bodyweight each day.

  • 1.4-1.8g per kg BW for active males
  • 1.2-2.0g per kg BW for active women

According to a research study posted on NCBI, this ensures a  healthy and safe muscle repair and development. 

This demand for protein usually goes unmet, as most Indian meals fail to satisfy these needs. This leads to a cat-and-mouse chase for a protein-rich diet that usually leaves out all your favourite Indian meals. Almost always, such a search ends up at a dead-end due to cost-effectiveness or taste and liking. After all, who would want to give up their comfort foods and change their diet from A-Z?   

So, are you struggling with the eternal dilemma of how to up your daily protein intake? Did you try to change your diet too but quit because it was inconvenient? Well, fret not, because Lo! Protein Chef has got you covered. 

What Is Lo! Protein Chef?

Packed with the punch of peanut flour, soy protein, mung protein, chickpea protein, sattu, rice protein, and pea protein, the Lo! Protein Chef works efficiently to increase your daily protein intake (and is super tasty!). One scoop of Lo! Protein Chef and your protein consumption are up by a whopping 20g. 

How Can I Use Lo! Protein Chef?

The Lo! Protein Chef can easily be incorporated into your everyday meals.

  1. Dough based foods

Just one scoop of the Protein Chef added to your dough, and voila! Quick high protein rotis or parathas with no out-of-the-way efforts. Easy and truly convenient.

  1. Batter based foods

Not just rotis, mix a scoopful of the concentrate into your cheela or pancake batter to start your day on an energetic push.

  1. Curry based foods

You can also add this Protein Chef mix to your dal. That’s right, dal chawal just got a whole lot more interesting. Just a scoop will add to the texture and taste of the daal. And let’s not forget the added proteins.

  1. Desserts

Finally, if you ever feel the desire to indulge in a guilty pleasure, add the protein mix to your cookie dough and taste a bit of heaven in every bite.

Yes, that’s right, make your meals high in protein without giving up on your comfort foods. Now isn’t that a cherry on the top? Flexibility - check, taste - check, health - double check! This meal friendly Protein Chef is a must-try (because protein shakes are old news). Scoop up, folks! 







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