Are Indian Rotis Good Or Bad Sources Of Protein?

Are Indian Rotis Good Or Bad Sources Of Protein?

Indian diets are considered to be 'incomplete diets.’ It is predominantly focused on carbohydrates, fats, starch and sugar. Our food habits and daily feeds stand extremely dependent on the intake of rice and wheat products, which are rich in carbs, whereas it lacks few macronutrients. 

Facts about a Humble Roti

  • Chapati is a favourite Indian food and is consumed on a day-to-day basis. Rotis are rich in carbohydrates. It contains 82% carbs and 10% insoluble fibre. It is an excellent source of vitamin B and E, zinc, iron, and other important minerals. 

  • Whole wheat also comprises manganese, phosphorus, and copper. It has soluble and insoluble fibres that assist in digestive functions and lower blood cholesterol levels. It is far better than maida. 

  • Roti is a storehouse of energy. Why? Because It is rich in complex carbs that stimulate mood and keep you full for hours. A roti has 15% of energy-giving carbohydrates. 

Secrets to a Healthier Roti: How to Increase Its Nutritional Profile? 

Roti is healthy and has a lot of benefits attached to it. But it still lacks a major macronutrient that is known for providing super health benefits like high metabolism and promoting good skin, nails and bones. Yes, we are talking about protein. 

So here is a list of tips to make your roti a version of better roti and to increase its nutritional value. Try out these! 

  1. Oats roti

Oats are rich in protein. Oats are low on fat and are an excellent source of fibre as well. To upgrade the nutritional value of your plain roti, just mix ground oats into your roti dough and boom you get to devour chapatis full of protein, vital minerals, and fibre. 

1. Add flavoursome vegetables

You can chop and add cooked veggies like beans and carrots to the dough. One can also put palak puree or beetroot puree into the dough and knead it. These are rich in iron, protein, fibre, and calcium, and will add up a healthier twist to your rotis. 

2. Use besan and bajra

Rich in protein as well as retaining high health benefits. These words describe them best. Bajra and besan rotis are perfect substitutes for wheat roti. Bajra is highly nutritious and has great health benefits. It facilitates weight loss and prevents cancer. Bajra roti provides 2x protein than whole wheat roti does.

3. Protein-rich paneer

Your cooked roti can be added with paneer to make it more nutritious. Paneer rotis and parathas are not only healthy but also tasty. You can also convert it into palak paneer parathas by adding spinach. To make it appealing, combine spices like red chilli powder and turmeric. This way you will get the goodness of paneer and spinach and the flavour of spices as well. 

4. Change your regular whole wheat atta

Make chapatis from multigrain atta instead of regular whole wheat atta. Multigrain atta has a higher protein content and also provides iron and other vitamins like B1. Multigrain atta boosts the fibre content in your rotis, providing more dietary nutrients. Other options include swapping regular atta with soybean flour or chickpea flour.

5. Make dal roti

Rich in fibre and protein, a lentil stuffed roti is delicious as well as healthy. Use your leftover dal to knead the dough.  These dal stuffed rotis are abundant in protein and help control blood pressure levels. You can either dry roast them or grind them and add them to your atta.

Here's How to Get a Two-fold Increase of Protein in a Roti 

Turning a roti into a Protein Chef roti was never this easy. By adding Lo! Protein Chef to your atta increases the protein content of your roti without changing its taste or texture. Add one scoop of protein powder into the atta and knead the dough. Lo! Protein Chef has the goodness of superfood ingredients. Just one scoop of Protein Chef can give 12 grams of protein. Incredible isn't it? 

We know your love for roti just increased! The above-mentioned techniques add that extra nutritional value to your roti. Rotis were always healthy, but such healthy alternatives make them even healthier. Go, get up and serve your family with extra nutrition and a punch of protein. 


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