6 Easy Ways To Bump Up Your Protein Intake For Dinner

6 Easy Ways To Bump Up Your Protein Intake For Dinner

The building blocks of any Indian meal are rice, cereals, flour, and vegetables. When put together correctly, these ingredients could create pure magic. But unfortunately for most, a lot of our everyday Indian meals are low on protein and high on carbs. As more people seek to become fit and get in shape, carbs have become our ultimate enemy! So we set out to seek a meal that is high in protein and low in carbs.

Making a protein-rich meal is an arduous task. Now imagine making three square high-protein meals all seven days of the week. Phew! Right? But what if we tell you that there are a few simple steps you can follow to minimize efforts AND transform your food into a protein-rich meal

1.Indian meal remix

Since we’re remixing old Bollywood songs, why not do it to our traditional food too? How about fortifying the old, boring dal with palak to give it a protein bump? Matar Paneer for a double trouble protein punch! Top off your meals with peanuts for a higher protein intake (the crunch is a bonus).

2.Soya—the vegetarian meat

Soya provides a complete protein ‌closely mimicking meat. Use soy milk as the base for curries and soups to get a creamy, protein-rich finish. Soybean sabzi will steal your heart; that IS the truth! 

3. Power of eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of whole proteins. 1 egg provides 13g of protein, which is more than what most foods can give. Eating egg curry for dinner is the easiest way to bump up your protein intake.

4. Almonds! Almonds! Almonds!

Topping off meals with badam is the easiest way to increase protein intake (and make your dish look more aesthetic). Almonds are famously known to have more protein than eggs. So bring out the almonds you received during Diwali. It is time to put them to good use.

5. Have a shawarma

Most can relate when we say shawarmas were crafted by gods themselves. Packed with protein-rich chickpea sauce (hummus) and all the meat and vegetable goodness, shawarmas are the ideal protein-dense dinner meal for someone who is looking to eat light. 

Pro-tip: add kidney beans to your shawarmas for an added protein punch! 

6. Dairy is merry 

You may not realize this but eating your dinner with a side of curd increases the protein value of the meal by 10% because of the presence of the protein casein. Eating dairy products like curd, paneer, butter, and cream-based foods can effortlessly increase your protein intake. You won’t even think twice about it! 

7. Use Lo! Protein Chef 

Protein Chef is an excellent way of adding more protein to your meals without altering your recipes. Add it to rotis, daal, soups, or curries and instantly make your basic meal a high protein meal. It is that easy!

There are a hundred ways to make your meals high in protein while still keeping things interesting. Lo! Protein Chef is our personal favourite. This protein made for cooking is not only easy to use but also is unlike any other product out there. Here’s to healthy eating!








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