High-Protein Foods for Weight Loss

High-Protein Foods for Weight Loss

While we’re trying to lose weight, many times, our primary focus is on calories and carbs and not on protein. In most households, protein is consumed just to avoid deficiency but it actually has benefits that can aid the weight loss process. 

Moreover, the regular Indian diet does not always supply the amount of protein required for ensuring its optimal benefits and weight loss. However, this problem can easily be solved by knowing as well as choosing simple and easily accessible low carb high protein food.

What can a protein-rich diet do for you? 

When you’re trying to lose weight, consuming a high-protein meal can do wonders for you. 

  • It makes you feel fuller after having meals and helps you avoid cravings for snacking in between meals.
  • It boosts your strength and muscle mass.
  • It increases metabolism and catalyses fat burning.
  • A meal filled with high protein sources helps in lowering your blood pressure.
  • It effectively reduces your hunger levels. 

Now that you know how beneficial a protein-rich diet can be for you, here’s a list of foods that you can include in your dietary plan for making up a delicious and healthy meal. 

  • Eggs 

Eggs are one of the most available food items in a high protein diet out there. An egg breakfast can help you feel active and full for the better part of the day and nourish your body with healthy fat and nutrition. 

A study was administered to a group of women who generally ate bagels for breakfast. For a change, they were given eggs for breakfast and the results showed that they felt fuller for longer and had fewer cravings for snacking the entire day.  As a consequence, they also consumed fewer calories. So eggs can be added to meals when you're targeting a high protein diet.

  • Oats 

Oats are also a good source of protein, with 17g of protein per 100 g. They can easily be made into flavorful dishes to suit your taste and can be had with dry fruits, fruits and vegetables too. 

  • Legumes 

Legumes are rich in protein and fibre, which can aid in maintaining good bowel health and lowering cholesterol levels. There are wide varieties of legumes to include in your meals every day: 

  1. Chickpeas 
  2. Kidney beans 
  3. Lima beans 
  4. Green peas 
  5. Black beans 
  • Cottage Cheese 

  1. Half a cup of cottage cheese contains up to 14 g of protein.
  2. It is good for building efficient muscle strength
  • Pistachios 

  1. They are low-calorie nuts.
  2. An ounce of pistachios contains 6g of protein, plus other nutrients like efficient amounts of B-6. 
  • Soy 

  1. Dietary preparations of soy help in adding more plant-based protein to your meals
    1. It is suitable for maintaining optimal cardiovascular health
    2. It helps in lowering blood pressure 
    3. Soy food preparations are also low in cholesterol and saturated fat

    The bottom line

    Protein is one of the most important macronutrients when it comes to weight loss, even if you may not realize it. High-protein meals can help in building muscle mass and strength, lower hunger levels and reduce cravings for snacking between meals. Some of the most accessible and wholesome protein sources include eggs, oats, soy, cottage cheese, and pistachios, to name a few. 






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