Easy and Healthy Ways to Up Your Protein Intake

Easy and Healthy Ways to Up Your Protein Intake

Eating a high protein meal can be a tricky ordeal. From selecting the ingredients to keeping your meals interesting, all while maintaining a budget. If you find yourself going overboard when spending on protein rich meals, stop right there. Here is the article you need!

So how can you increase your protein intake on a budget?

What are some low-cost, high-protein foods in India?

  • Peanuts

These tiny, protein-packed nuts are a favourite snacking option all over India. Peanuts are a versatile protein source. They can be easily incorporated into meals and can be made into peanut butter for a quick snack.

Amount of protein per 100g: 25 grams 

Cost per 100g: Rs. 20

  • Soya Chunks

Soya chunks are one of the most popular high-protein vegetarian meals. They are easy to cook and are loaded with protein. Plus, they also have great fibre content, which makes them a great item to include in your meal.

Amount of protein per 100g: 52g

Cost per 100g: Rs. 15

  • Paneer

Paneer is a vegetarian’s go-to protein source. They can be easily purchased or even made at home! They are full of whey protein and are versatile too. After all, some of the best Indian dishes start with paneer!

Amount of protein per 100g: 12g

Cost per 100g: Rs. 30

  • Eggs 

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Does it matter even matter when you get lots and lots of protein from both? Eggs are a source of complete protein and are a reasonably cheap source of protein. Plus, eggs can be cooked in so many ways. Every recipe is new and interesting. It is sure to keep your diet interesting!

Amount of protein per 100g: 18g

Cost per 100g: Rs. 20

  • Chicken 

Chicken is one of the most loved protein sources in India. Today, around 16.6% of people in India are meat eaters, predominantly chicken. Chicken is the easiest and cheapest source of protein among all meats. 

Amount of protein per 100g: 30g

Cost per 100g: Rs. 35

  • Oats

This popular breakfast item is a great meal option when opting for a high protein. A bowl full of oats topped with nuts and fruits gives you a great amount of protein with healthy fats and longer-lasting energy. 

Amount of protein per 100g: 12g

Cost per 100g: Rs. 12

  • Chickpeas 

Another excellent source of protein, chickpeas, is an Indian favourite. They are traditionally used in various spicy curries, but more recently, chickpeas have gained popularity through a snack-time favourite - hummus. If you’re looking for a quick, healthy dip, hummus is an excellent high-protein item.

Amount of protein per 100g: 19g

Cost per 100g: Rs. 10

  • Lo! Protein Chef Vegetarian Protein Powder

This is a quick, high-protein fix for when you want to up the proteins but do not want to change your recipe. The Protein Chef is a family-friendly protein powder designed for cooking. It suits everyone, from athletes and all who enjoy high-intensity training to families and kids! 

Although slightly pricier than other options in this article, the Protein Chef is a very convenient formulation that can be added to every meal for an instant protein bump. 

Amount of protein per serving: 25g

Cost per Kg: 999

The bottom line

Eating a high-protein diet can be affordable if you get a hold of the right ingredients. Most high-protein ingredients in India are versatile and can be easily incorporated into any meal. So whisk away for a high-protein diet!





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