8 Must-include Nuts and Seeds for a High Protein Diet

8 Must-include Nuts and Seeds for a High Protein Diet

Looking for a prep-free, on-the-go, high-protein snack? Nuts and seeds are the right picks for you. Nuts are full of protein and heart-healthy fats, making them the perfect power-punch snacking options. And let’s not forget the crunch they bring with them! Seeds are full of fibre and make a delicious addition to protein meals. 

What are the health benefits of different nuts and seeds?

  • They are small, nutrition-packed goodies!
  • They are full of heart-healthy fats.
  • They have a high fibre content.
  • They are full of antioxidants.
  • They are beneficial for various health disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Since the benefits of including nuts and seeds in your diet are numerous, let’s see what nuts and seeds are high in protein!

What are some high-protein nuts and seeds?

  • Almonds

These fibre and protein-loaded nuts have too many benefits to count. With up to 6 grams of protein per handful, almonds form a versatile snacking option and can be incorporated into any meal. They also are a rich source of antioxidants. A recent study showed that eating almonds helps boost memory! Up your daily protein intake by eating a handful of soaked almonds every day!

  • Pistachios 

Not just as dessert toppings, resourceful pistachios have way too many lesser-known benefits. They can give up to 6 grams of protein per handful and have a higher ratio of essential amino acids. One handful of pistachios gives the same amount of protein as an egg! Like almonds, pistachios too, are loaded with fibre! 

Pro-tip: lightly salted, roasted pistachios are the way to go!

  • Peanuts 

Who doesn’t love some smooth peanut butter? Loaded with protein and a heavenly favour, peanuts make quite an all-rounded snacking option. A handful of peanuts gives up to 9.5 grams of protein, making it the nut that gives the highest amount of protein among all nuts. They also are a potent source of vitamin biotin. Grab a quick snack and have some peanut butter and fruit!

  • Cashews

Giving kajus is an all-time favourite Diwali gifting tradition. And rightfully so, cashews are full of nutrition, bringing health benefits to all. Cashews have up to 5 grams of protein per serving and are a good source of copper. Don’t let those Diwali cashews go to waste! Have a handful of cashews in your protein rich meals.

  • Sunflower seeds

The smell of roasted sunflower seeds is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering. But taste aside, they are loaded with proteins and healthy fats; after all, we know the benefits of sunflower oil. A serving of sunflower seeds gives up to 5.5 grams of protein and can easily be incorporated into your everyday diet!

  • Pumpkin seeds

This favourite snack is so delicious that it will keep you reaching for more! And you should! Because pumpkin seeds have 9.2 grams of protein per serving and are a great source of calcium. When following a high-protein diet, pumpkin seeds bring the protein punch in a small yet tasty packet!

  • Flax Seeds

One of the best seeds to include in your diet when looking to up your protein intake. Flax seeds are a superfood with so many great properties. One of those properties is being a good source of protein. Flax seeds have 5.2 grams of protein per serving, along with great fibre content and antioxidants. And they can be included in any meal!

  • Sesame seeds

A very common seed used in Indian cooking, but often overlooked. Sesame seeds are protein loaded with around 4.8 grams of protein and 14% dietary fibre. It also contains essential vitamins such as vitamin A. Sesame seeds are truly versatile that can be added to meals when following a high protein diet. 

The bottom line

Nuts and seeds are often overlooked components when it comes to high-protein diets. Most nuts and seeds are protein packets and can be used for easy snacking with fewer carbs and calories to get more dietary fibre, vitamins, amino acids, and many more nutrients. Having a serving of your favourite nut or nut butter with fruits is a fun and efficient way to up your protein intake effortlessly! 





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