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Protein Chef Protein For Cooking

Protein Chef Protein For Cooking

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The lack of sufficient protein in many of the traditional Indian vegetarian meals can leave you feeling hungry and lethargic, along with inviting a host of other health-related problems. But there's good news!

Protein Chef is here to save the day! This innovative blend of protein-rich ingredients, like peanut powder, soy flour, sattu, mung protein, chickpea protein, and besan, can be easily added to your favourite dishes. 

Simply mix a spoon of Protein Chef with your atta, dosa, cheela, and other flour-and-batter-based recipes, and voila! You'll have a delicious, protein-sufficient meal that will keep you feeling good all day. So say goodbye to bland, protein-lacking meals and hello to Protein Chef - the solution to all your protein needs!

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Protein Chef, India’s Protein Solution - Simply Add One Spoon to every Vegetarian Meals

Get your protein fix with a simple twist - introducing Protein Chef, your secret weapon for strong and healthy cooking! Say goodbye to overpriced cheese and hello to 100% vegetarian protein. Each serving is packed with 5.5g of protein at a fraction of the cost - just 17 rupees! Elevate your Indian meals to the next level by adding Protein Chef to any batter-or-flour-based dishes and indulge in a hearty 23g of protein per serving. Say yes to better health and a tastier way of getting your protein!

How to use:

  • Step 1: Take 1 spoon of Protein Chef and add it to your atta or batter.
  • Step 2: Mix it thoroughly until it's well incorporated.
  • Step 3: Cook your dish normally, as you would with any other ingredient.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your protein-sufficient meal.

Key highlights :  

  • Helps cover Vegetarian Meal Protein Deficiency: A regular Vegetarian Meal without Paneer is short by 10 gms of Protein as per the Nutrition guidelines. Protein Chef has 5.5 gms of Pure Vegetarian Protein per spoon, thus helping you add around 1 Egg worth of protein in every meal; without the hassle of cooking these for each meal! A lactose-free, vegetarian protein mix for everyday protein requirements.
  • Hassle-Free: Add to Flour or Batter directly - Protein Chef is designed for Indian Cooking and ensures there is NO CHANGE in the Taste or Texture of your favourite foods. Add it to your existing Home Atta or Batters; and make your Rotis, Parathas, Dosa, Waffles, Cheelas High Protein. 
  • Perfect for Everyday Household use: Protein Chef is a pure Vegetarian Protein Additive made from Plants. It has NO Additives, Chemicals, Artificial Flavors, Gluten or Sugar, making it safe for everyday usage. 
  • World Class Amino Acid Profile for the entire Family: 6 Different Plant Protein Sources, including traditional Indian ones (Sattu, Besan, Soy Protein, Brown Rice, Peanut, Pea Protein) blended in specific proportions deliver one of the widest Plant based Amino Acid Profile. Amino Acids are needed for every body function, including development, metabolism, hair and skin and more.
  • Priced on par with Paneer and Cheese: One spoon of Protein Chef gives you 5.5 gms of Protein at 12 Rs. This is the same amount you would spend on Paneer / Egg / Chicken to get 5.5 gms of Protein; while saving you the hassle of planning, buying and cooking protein separately! This helps in increasing the everyday protein consumption for Men, Women, Kids & Seniors at a lower cost.
  • Gluten-free: Are you gluten intolerant? No worries. Protein Chef is 100% gluten-free and extremely low on carbs. Protein Chef is processed to exclude gluten and aid your gluten-free diet strictly. Now absorb all the nutrients in your food with our protein additive. 


How does Protein Chef improve digestibility and is it made from vegetarian sources?

Unlike other protein powders that can often change the texture and taste of your dishes, Protein Chef blends seamlessly into your food without altering its flavour or texture. It is designed to improve digestibility, making it easier on the stomach. 

And yes! Protein Chef is made from 8 vegetarian protein sources, making it a great choice for anyone who is gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or looking for a vegetarian choice.

How much protein can I have in a day?

According to the research, the recommended daily protein intake for an average adult is around 23 grams per day. However, many Indian vegetarian meals such as dal, rajma, and chholey have a low protein density when cooked, hence falling short of supplying the right amount of cooking without paneer. 

So, by adding just one spoon of Protein Chef to your meal, you can fulfil your daily protein requirements and ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Moreover, our product is free from additives, chemicals, gluten, and sugar, hence it improves digestibility and health. Including the Protein Chef in your diet is safe and can be enjoyed by kids too!

Does it contain additives?

Protein Chef is 100% additives-free. It draws its high-protein properties from organic ingredients.

Does it leave an aftertaste in food?

Protein Chef formulation is known to not alter the taste or texture of your meals. You can enjoy the taste of your favourite meals made high in protein with the Protein Chef Protein for Cooking.

How much can you use in a day?

You can use Protein Chef at every meal! Since it is made from plant sources, it helps improve digestibility and promotes gut health, along with giving you adequate proteins any time of the day!